Readings for Sunday 28 June 2020 – Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

The readings for the fourth Sunday after Pentecost are provided below in the videos. The introduction to the readings has been written by Rev MaryAnn Rennie, Minister of the Abbey Church of Dunfermline in which she draws attention to the Weekend of Invitation 26-28 June 2020. I have included a link to the organisations website as well as a couple of thoughtful videos about the subject of invitation which I think are well worth watching. There are six readings today with notes provided by Rev MaryAnn Rennie. The readings are read to you by Derek Thomson an Elder of Kinloss and Findhorn Church who is still in Dubai waiting for a flight to Glasgow.

Weekend of Invitation

The Weekend of Invitation website is

Readings for Sunday 28 June 2020

Introduction words provided by Rev Mary Ann Rennie, Minister of the Abbey Church Dunfermline – Read by Derek Thomson
Reading 1 – Genesis 22 vv 1-14
Reading 2 Psalm 13
Reading 3 – Jeremiah 28 vv 5-9
Reading 4 – Psalm 89 vv 1-4, 15-18
Reading 5 – Romans 6 vv 12-23
Reading 6 – Matthew 10 vv 40 – 42