Sunday Readings 24 May 2020 Seventh Sunday after Easter

The videos below contain an introduction and 4 readings for the 7th Sunday after Easter focusing on Ascension Day which was 21 May 2020. The introduction and the notes on the 4 readings have been written by the Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair, Minister of Arbroath St Andrew’s and the new Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. His words and the Bible readings are read for you by Derek Thomson an Elder of Kinloss and Findhorn Parish Church who is still waiting in Dubai for his flight to Glasgow.

Introduction – Words by Rt Rev Dr Martin Fair new Moderator of the General Asssembly
Reading 1 – Acts 1 v6-14
Psalm 68 v1-10 and v32-35
1 Peter 4 v12-14 and 5 v6-11
John 17 v1-11